for you


There is not a single soul to blame for ruined lives. Stare into yourself and resolve to find why you’ve been ruined. Blame should never be thrown. Acknowledge your mistakes. Accept the consequences. Leading a life of senseless blame and misdirection is the way that we’ve all known most of our lives. We throw pity parties with our fears and expect our companions to attend because we never blame ourselves. There is no need to remain on your knees and heart heavy with angst and sorrow.  Every single atom in your body comes from those beautiful stars up above us and when those stars explode they create new things that can destroy or illuminate this galaxy: black holes, suns, moons, stars, and those very same atoms in every single star are the same atoms that make up the basic human structure. Our bodies are tied to earth and we are a part of earth’s great cycle of life: but we are a part of something bigger and much more astonishing. We are the universe we are no different than the stars that linger millions of miles away in the sky. The very things that make them are within us as well. There is no need for anyone to ever feel small or that their efforts are feeble. Everyone’s very existence is something amazing to behold. You should never feel as if you don’t matter, every single thing within the universe matters.



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