Opened my heart to you, I showed you the distant places and spaces that were painted across my arteries. You gazed into my heart and saw the new galaxies and nebulae that awaited you. Your timid heart quaked between those fragile ribs. There were many flaws within my universe; you’d learn to love them if you accepted the things I offered you. Abide by my tender wisdom kissed lines. Lullabies whispered into your eardrum that tugged at your heart-strings. Allow me to be your guide to the cluttered new dimension: if you so desire it. I’ve been adrift, simply floating along in this place. This purgatory that I’ve filled with black holes and dwarf star that mimic dark times and my brightest thoughts: I’ve been floating away from who I am for a while now. Opening up to anyone is almost as if I’m trying to redirect myself to the person I used to be. Try to dissect the riddles that I’ve spread across my heart. Ask me why the black fox dances with wolves; question me on my damaged heart. Did you ever believe me when I told you that you and I were alone on a new planet and everyone else was on another? Or suppose I’m just vapid and I couldn’t imagine a bigger picture for you to gaze at. I’m selfish and fearful. My soul is afloat and my heart is at the mercy of tender words that are tossed out with nonchalant sentences. Soft wounds left by my false pride and expectations that only could be filled by dreams. Has it hit yet that I’m still searching for myself? I created a new universe for us: just you and I, away from everyone else. Maybe you’d help me chase down the child inside of me that I’ve seen to lost for years. This was all created when I opened my heart to you.


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