I’d like to believe that we are all artist. We all have that “something inside” that deep emotional thing that lurks around. We all have it and we are afraid to show it to the world.

We all have eyes but that doesn’t mean that we understand what is seen. That is why we take the time to perfect our crafts with words, painting, and music to show the world that something inside and to let the world know that everyone is capable of creating some beautiful.

I once dreamt of a shark that was trapped in a well and all it had to look up to was a sky filled with birds. The shark didn’t try to escape or even attempt to leap out to the land around him. Even if he escaped he’d die without the water in the well. The shark envied the freedom of the birds that fell in the sky that he saw through tunnel vision eyes from within his lonesome well. I began to think I was the shark and that I was unfit for the oceans and deep seas and I’d just secluded myself away from everyone else. I never wanted to be a beast I simply made myself out to be one.

I tried to paint a picture to sum up all of abstract metaphors that were blatantly placed in front of my eyelids as I drifted off into the back of my mind and dreamt.

I dreamt that I waltzed over dark red waters with my ghost. Hoping my feet don’t cross and I sink to the pits of an abyss. Sooner or later I had to let go of my own ghostly hands and set my soul assail. I’ve been trying to paint portraits of what my ghost’s destination would be I’m not artistic enough to be delicate with strokes of an angel feather brush. So I close my eyes and create riddles within my words and sentences and attempt to be an artist with my words and twist these sentences into heavenly images that will create volumes of intensity as someone reads them.

I hope that my “artistic” ways will spark someone else’s and I’ll have a chance to admire their art.

I pray that my ideals will tip toe across the minds of future geniuses and they are inspired.


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