Dream: Sea


I’ve watched myself walk into a sea of memories and enjoyed the sight of my past devouring my current miseries. It’s like watching theatre in the sunset where the sky is tinted hues of tangerine and rose.There’s a sinister pleasure to watch it all collide and become a magnificent storm of colors and melodies. My mind can shape shift into paradises and terrifying nightmares. Yet my favorite thing to visualize is these vast oceans where I get to watch my transgressions and miseries get devoured. There’s calmness to the depth of the whole situation.

I get to watch my secrets get drowned in the sea. There is no need for a funereal service or hearses to commemorate the loss of my past or the people who were in it.

I lack any ability to swim or stay afloat, so I threw myself to the sea. It’s the perfect way to lose all of the thoughts locked within my mind. I know that there is nothing there to save me, only thing there for me is the ocean floor and the wicked being I’ve created.

I’ve always admired the sea the appearance of it and its ability to shift in emotions. It can be as calm as a summer shower at dusk: and as violent as tornados that wages war against the ground and rips through this land.

I’m afraid of it but I’m entranced by the way it dances under the moonlight.

I’m trying to find what it means to me, maybe it’s my therapy.

Mentally on hiatus as I sit seaside and toss the lives I’ve led fall into the dancing sea.

Until death do we part: me and the messes I’ve made.

History will always follow the ones who create it. Whenever you walk into a room everything about you enters with you. Time spent overly dedicated to overshadowing our own history. That’s time we have wasted.

I’ve spent that time delicately creating a sea to admire as my emotions get pulled in by the shark like creatures I’ve imagined.





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