Weak Poetry pt. 3

We used our thoughts and passion to unravel the existence of our beautiful beginnings. Your aura is so gorgeous to the eyes your heart thumps to rhythms of your melodic dances. Your hips rocked to the trees gentle sway with breezes. I always imagined you as dancing seductively and hypnotically to the eye.

I never spoke much to you; my words ruined the unspoken bonds and love we built. I was blind but I learned that even in the darkest hours the sun will still shine eventually. That is the way of nature.

People play on the words of love hoping to find some definitive meaning to it all. You were always there when I needed you. You often let the past get to you but I taught you to keep fighting for the sunshine.

It hurts inside to watch you

Slip away; your wings are crackling through your delicate skin.

I found your presence heavenly.

You helped me plan out a better future,

You were the sunshine to crack through the darkest evenings and days.

I know I gave you some light as well.

Told you to open your heart

You did more than I expected

Bring me your heart on a silver platter and I’ll serve you mine without hesitant mannerisms.

Grab my hand and let’s escape into the hidden temples and pastures.

Let’s make the world ours.


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