Weak Poetry Pt. 1

Intimate moments

Serenaded with careless whispers

  The constant gravitation to your heart

It’s tempting

                                                                                                                             It’s illusive

I’m trapped in your evanescent ways.

My gothic princess dancing on cracked wooden floors. My dark hearted Cinderella can I be your horse carriage companion?

Let me seduce your Mind

Let me play hide and seek with your shadows as you melt into my soul.

Find the time to waste time for me, make the time to spend time.

Yet I’ve learned that the moisture between the delicate thighs of women is nothing more than pleasure and will never fill the emptiness of the hearts of men.

The firm belief that nothing will ever cause harm, yet anything with a mind and the ability to lie is able to cause harm of any kind to a man or a woman.

I’ve walked through dark forests of tall trees to try to discover the truth behind the unavoidable emotions and questions.

I thought I’d find you at love’s address so I took short cuts through these forests that are haunted with the hearts of the ones you’ve broken. I am told to turn back yet I still look in the distance to find you.

My milk and honey

My tender sun-kissed lover

You reside in a tattered house that lies in the back of my mind.

I’m trapped here with you trying to be the would-be priest to exorcise your tainted heart.

You desire to escape from this place because escape is all you’ve ever wanted.

I want it to.

I want to escape this place more than even you do.

I hate being here, it’s the reason I can’t





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