Weak Poetry pt 2

The resonating sound of a plucked bass resonates across my senses as I try to clear out the mountains of misplaced thoughts.

I tried to confide in the voices of my peers, I beg them to give me the things that make me happy.

My emotions are at war, and it always ends in a standstill

I am readily waiting on the warzone to become a secluded paradise for headstones

I’m waiting for the silences that occur as I attempt to find the balance between pain and pleasure.

I’m empty and filled of schizophrenic behavior.

The sky and ground converge into a beautiful portrait of the outer limits of earth’s atmosphere.

I began to think that this was purgatory.

I found myself waiting for the earth to open up and hellfire to rise up and for demons to open up their arms as if they were welcoming me home.

My mind continues to be haunted.

Truthfully I’m stuck staring into the sky looking for god’s golden gated community.

I wanted to converse with him, in all his magnificence.

I’d ask him why’d the bible lie to me and why am I condemned.

I wanted to ask him if he could help me find myself.

Could you help me find the person I used to be?

I hoped god would tell me I never lost myself; I just reinvented who I am.

I wanted to meet my former self and see what I would have to say for myself.

Back then I didn’t know anything; I still don’t know a thing now.

Old folklore says that trees in the forest are not trees alone. They are the forest that it is better to be as one then to identify as individual trees.

It is the way of nature.

It’s like living in this moment as if you are a fallen leaf being guided by the streams around.

I got tired of standing and staring at the sky trying to find clarity.

I sat down and grabbed my wings and decided to traverse around the solar system.

I’ve found difference in my psyche, trying to find what is missing.

I’ve been staring into the sky for a while now.

I’m hoping that sooner or later, there will be a tremendous divide in the sky and I’ll see visions of my mature self and that I’ll advance in life.

All I’ve seen so far are decadent illusions.


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