Astral Throne

As I astral project myself into dimensions that are foreign to even myself I find myself hesitating to explore the new universes and auras that surrounded me; for I am still stuck in this place. This empty building that I’ve built up enough from the ground up and filled with emotions and decisions that I’ve tossed to the ill-lit basement of the towering building, I’ve got an empire built up. An empire of soon to be regretted emotions and actions; my body is trapped atop this eyesore of a building while my soul is freely exploring the unknown beauty of the galaxies far beyond my physical reach.

I am stuck, and I am afraid. I have trapped myself atop this decaying building that’s taken me years to construct. Jumping off would just be me showing my sanity in the predicaments that arise.

I catch cases of vertigo as I stare down the buildings immense height and contemplate whether or not to simply jump or keep piling things and building this teetering rusted skyscraper. Maybe if I build up high I can reach the planets and astrological anomalies that I’ve found so fascinating since I was able to observe the stars in the pale moonlight of night.

I find it amusing how I find myself sitting atop the building in the late hours of night trying to toss the feelings of the day’s shames into the roof and build a new layer over it.

I desire to get off the building, yet I construct and build it to even greater higher heights, I don’t know what to consider these thoughts and actions.  Repressed or just ignored.

I want to reach the planets out of my reach and explore the outer limits of the galaxy and emerge on another dimension where my actions are altered and my life is another story that can be written with etiquette and precision.  Better yet, a universe where my prose is read the world and I am admire for my theories and unheard truths that I write now.  I’m entangled within these nebulas and planets and their alignment. I feel a sensation that overcomes me as if I gained an aura from inquires and studies about these amazing things out of our reach.

Even though I’m scared of falling from atop of this building it has become my throne. Where I am the ruler of my own dimension and universe.



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