Do bees work to create honey because they know that humans consume it, or do bees work to make honey because it is all they know how to do? If the true purpose of our lives is to find our purpose aren’t we just simply chasing our tails like dogs in a cage?

The human body is a slow mechanism of compiled joints and parts that function minutes after the mind over computes and compensates for the rush of illicit and ignorant thoughts. Barrages of words bang and harass the mind and the body refuses to move. The mind fell asleep to a cadence of hollow chants.

Sensations rush through the nerves and the mind continuously calls out for the legs to move. The reactions are still delayed and incomplete.

Purposes for any and every action that is done by any living or non living thing; A heart is meant to pump blood throughout the whole body without a thought or command. It pumps as it should and will excite and stutter at times yet it fulfills its purpose.

It’s the cycle, no matter the dilemma or interruption everything will fulfill its purpose even without the world knowing, or anyone for that fact. So what is our purpose as humans?

We’re born to die, so why do we become hysterical when someone passes away? Shouldn’t we crack a smile and be glad that they no longer have to suffer?



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