Adrift in the Capital

We are born in the capital of the world, and we are never meant to escape. Simply because no one wants to leave or because no one wants to believe they need to leave. It has always been about want. If you never wanted anything then you have nothing.

You are adrift in shadow and heavy snow, and when the spring time comes to melt away the snow and sleet around you. No one will know where you were frozen and time or what your purpose is. You are empty and slowly sinking into a nothing. If you were to stand alone in an empty hallway and stare down it as if to stare into yourself, would you fear the dark unknown or would you traverse the unknown to uncover your true colors and define who you are.

You find yourself tagging along to senseless events to train your close friends to believe you’re not an outsider; you question your motives and constantly ask yourself “what am I doing here?”

You pride yourself on watching the world gets more and more screwed up and tarnished from the consecutive nights of drugs and alcohol poisoning.

This is your way of becoming just as screwed up, drunk, as the people you watch around at these idiotic events you tag along to.

You want this, you are adrift and lost in the capital of the world and you can’t seem to anchor yourself down enough to stop being so lost in finding a way to just as ruined as everyone else.


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