America the country to ever have been falsely use the word great.

America the great; yet what is so great about a country that claims to be the most amazing but has no proof nor can it back it up. No one person can tell me that they’ve led the absolutely perfect American dream life. There’s not one person in this so called amazing country that has not struggle or suffered a day in their lives.

No one should dare call this country the greatest or the best. We are only twenty-fifth in math and science. We are almost one of the overweight and obese countries. America takes pride in being in debt to countries that have almost killed us fifty or so years ago. America is not a beautiful place, America is not the home of the free, and America is not the place to be if you want to lead a peaceful and happy life.

America is still the home of the ignorant mentally enslaved population; there is no freedom in this country. To truly be free you are either a homeless person or either a stray animal of some sort. Those are the only people who live their lives without restraint.

American military forces jump into wars to protect oil sources overseas. Instead of negotiating and trying to obtain it; they stick to their bread and butter military violence. No one truly knows what is happening overseas. Yet we sit on our behinds worshipping television, drinking polluted water and still believing in the freedom that we supposedly have when there is truthfully no real freedom, we are not the greatest country.

We are the world’s most overbearing, ignorant, tyrannical force that has ever intruded on Indian land.

This country would rather steal from a native tribe than to bargain with them. Senseless violence has lead this country and people still believe the psychotic babble that is spewed from the mouths of celebrities who are no better than anyone of us.

Yet they are worshipped.

So I urge you, I beseech you to please, please, please, tell me America is the greatest country.

We are not; we are the world’s biggest hypocrites and savages.

Every day people live their lives as such: savages. Ignoring the reality and indulging in devilish mannerisms.

May god bless this forsaken country, if he even exists.


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