No matter how much we would all like to believe it, it will be never be true that we will leave this world alive. We can pretend to live out our lives thinking nothing will decimate our fragile bones and flesh. This suit of skin that we pretend to hold so precious yet abuse so frequently; it’s not perfect, it’s not meant to be called perfect. Perfection can never be achieved it can only be dreamt. We all need dreams though.

Everyone wishes to live a life that will be successful. What is success is it measureable? Is it truly even attainable? We have lost the way. We don’t chase after our dreams any longer. We no longer bend over backwards to assist one another. The way of life that we promise ourselves is now intoxicated with greed and evil that will forever haunt us.

We live in our own skin, yet we want to live in the skin of others. We do not have to be miserable in the skin we are in. There doesn’t have to be sadness or sorrow. We aren’t just skin though. We aren’t cattle, we aren’t chattel we aren’t just some living thing just meant to be used and tossed aside afterwards.

Accept and love your skin stop barricading yourself and warping yourselves in a world that you will forever feel alone and lost.

You and I we are only human. Love what you are; love all that is about you. That’s what life is honestly about; it’s about fighting all of the struggles that are tossed at your feet when your hands are bare and your body is tired and your skin is covered in a salty barrier of sweat. When you are sick and your knees are weak to the point where you can no longer carry on. Keep going on, keep fighting through everything.

Fight through it all, and find yourself at one last thing to do.  Accept and love who you are.

We all need dreams, we all need something to fantasize about. Why waste that on wanting to be someone else?

The skin that all of us are in is beautiful. Never wish to change it to be like someone else’s.

These people we see that are portrayed as the ideal vision of perfection, they are tortured souls without freedom or spirit. We think too much about what perfection and mistake it for something that isn’t.

Perfection is what we already are.

Stop dreaming of another’s skin and love your own. Don’t give your thoughts and dreams to unnatural men and women who aren’t filled with dreams and desires anymore. They may portray perfection yet they are the ones who are the furthest from it.



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