Do you remember the daze? The taste of regret and shame quivering on your tongue; remember that feeling? Remember when you felt yourself colliding with that sickening urge that thumped constantly against your chest telling you to cry; that feeling crashed constantly against your will to push emotions aside. The collision is inevitable yet you try to overcome the collision by abusing yourself. Abuse that you make last; the sounds of it resonant from as early as the roosters crow to as late as the cricket chirps in the late evening.

Life will always have a void in it. You shouldn’t run rampant and fill it with temporary happiness and emotions that will not hold up to anything. That void in life is always going to be there. Filling that void will only form long lasting habits that will soon consume and devour the life that you’ve lived.

The void in life is the sum of our fears, failures, and greatest addictions.

Tossing in the things that we already do makes it grow without any signs of stopping. Tossing in these false hopes and reckless actions that will only make the void suffocate the life that you have built up; yet you will still immense yourself into these dazes. All of this just to feel better and escape the things that you are scared of. Yet there is always a void in your life. Why deny the truth?


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