People act as if their possession they have will benefit them once they become older. When they die nothing matters. We all breathe the same air, bleed the same colored blood, and when we pass away we all get buried in the same ditches in haunted cemeteries with tear stained soil from the faces of the ones who survived the loss of their child, father, mother, grandparent, or friend. We are all the same. We will all die and be buried or burned into ashes to be spread across the earth. Once were gone we leave obscene and unfulfilled desires and dreams lurking in the hearts of the ones we were close with. They creep around in their hearts like demons in the hallways of hell’s dungeons and lower levels.

We are all the same people with different outward appearances; but we still throw knives drenched in harsh words at the backs of the people who we see uncouth to be one of “us. We lose sight of what is real in life. What is life? Life is love. What is love? Life; we spend our whole entire youth and adult years looking for love and trying to define love. We define ourselves by the hold that vanity has on us. We love our expensive clothes, even though every other person around has that exact same t-shirt or pair of jeans. We claim the ones we posses is original and far superior. Yet it all means nothing once people become insulted and feel ousted.  We are the same through and through straight to the bones.  People feel the need to disrespect and disown the ones who are different and not a part of their insignificant world of subjective friends and illicit actions that lead to ignorant actions; indifference to the ones who are different lead to hurt hearts and scarred egos.

Possessions mean so little but it is how we define our love. We entitle ourselves to the material things in life to define who we are. The richest man wears the most flawless jewels across his collar. They aren’t seen by the human eye. Rich men throw their wealth across the world in forms of words and scripts.

I’d much rather prefer to hold wisdom than wear diamonds and jewels and allow vanity to have its hold on me.


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