That sensation deep within your chest, it won’t go away. It lingers upon your heart and tugs at your arteries and veins. People struggle to fulfill whatever it takes to ease that sensation.

I wondered around aimlessly in a plush garden full of lavish flowers and plant life where snakes lingered between the rows of roses and lilies. There is a bright yellow-like shining at the top of the garden. It gives me this inviting sensation as if it wants me to be near it.

I wondered through the garden to find the source of that spectacular shine.

After a few moments of following its luminescence I found you sitting beside it, your lips whispering melodies into the clouds. Your pale skin felt warm as I reached out to touch your shoulder. Your eyes glanced at me as you brushed away the hair from your neck. I fell into your lap and stared into the stars.

As we laid and spoke for hours and fell into each other’s hearts, I touched your heart and you showed me your pain, I showed you my sorrow.

We intertwined and accepted each other’s flaws. You sang to me of your dreams, I whispered to you of my ambitions. We shared our deepest fears and neither of us ran.

Suddenly that sensation that lingered upon my chest, was irrelevant as I laid there with you, next to our sunflower.


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