The mighty lightning strikes of Zeus echo throughout my mind as I dream. I’ve always had a fantasy that I could sit upon the throne like a god. In my hand I’d hold the keys to mortal life and the wisdom of the entire world within my written wisdoms and theories.

I found things like that so enticing, but the thing is with dreams and fantasies is that you never know if they will come true whether you want to or not.

It’s almost like when you’re a child and you’re afraid of the bad people that stalk around at night, you’re afraid and scared until you become one of them. Once you do you have this understanding of how delicate lines are between becoming what you fear and staying the same way you’ve been.

There will always be that insatiable desire to let that thing you are so fearful of out, it’s wild and untamed and it’s something you fear. It’s a part of your dreams and fantasies. I’ve always found the wild spirits and auras that surround people much like untamed black stallions as they slowly trot through life’s inevitable cycle. They live their lives unleashing that untamed beast, or live a life of pure imprisonment.

That constant nagging hunger that nips and snarls at the back of your mind while you take disavowing words from fiends around you that hunger to let out that wild beast within you it tingles down your spine like cold winds slicing across naked skin.

We’re ever so weary of the things that go bump in the night, and how terrifying they become as the nights become darkest. We all hope and pray for a savior that will appear to get us through darker nights when the demons aren’t at bay. Who can truly save you from what you are?

You’re that wild thing that wants to run rapid and dash through life’s simplistic feeling moments.

That dark thing inside of you is hungry and wants to be let loose.

It’s funny how we’re all scared of the things that go bump in the night when we are some of those things, the drunken fools who stumble idiotically through streets when dawn hits, the emotion fueled beasts that trash and rage through their territory.

You’re your own monster, most of the time you can’t control yourself.

Neither can I.


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