I found my state of happiness, found my potentially breath-taking moment when I fell in love with this life.

Told myself to just crack a smile and have a few hardy laughs. I lock myself away into a mental prison refusing to let myself out.  Encourage the thought of leaving my true colors a mystery for anyone to guess.

I found myself floating across astral planes, as I floated aimlessly trying to find a feeling or some sort piece of mind. But how can I piece together my displaced puzzle piece life when everyone around me doesn’t understand me and will never get past the superficial life I put in front of them? I’ll never let them; letting people into your heart and into your life will only end with a bitter taste of loss left upon your pallet.

Where do I hide all of the things that I wish to say and all of the things I wish I could say? I hide them away in the prison where I keep the true self I’ve refused to let out.

I found my state of happiness, aimlessly. I find myself happier being locked up inside of me than I ever would be with the truth on the out where everyone could judge me without purpose or reason.

People speak as if they won’t judge but, they will no need to speak what already has been experienced.


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