I’m truly sort of disappointed by the lack of intellect and wisdom within the people of my generation and modern day culture.

And I quote “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand” –Confucius

Youth attend classes within schools and hear knowledgeable things yet they simply don’t retain it at all, they see the luscious curves of a young girl with a back arched to the perfect degree, and a smile that shimmered like sun beams off a deep ocean. They’ll remember that, they’ll remember the psychotic babble that spews forth from the television sets. The knowledge they hear, they will simply forget as soon as they step their feet across the door way of a classroom to exit it.

They learn to burn away their frustrations with tobacco wrapped herbal remedies that they claim will take them to a place of freedom from stress. Grown cups of childish aspirations, thinking if they down it fast enough they won’t taste the bitter defeat of not meeting their own hopes and dreams.

Experiments with tablets of euphoric sensations that lead to trips to operating rooms and loss of inhibition, cyanide filled lucid dreams of freedom from their self-given shackles.

Is it truly so complex and difficult to attempt to try and be educated? I understand that it’s hard to game wisdom, yet we have the wisdom to tell you all strains of drugs and all mixtures of drinks yet no idea on what we should do to better ourselves as better.

I’m disappointed.

I’ve tried so many times, to help, to even save people I considered friends. I preached to them to not sell drugs to the fiends and stressed youth. Yet my words of “wisdumb” just hurt their sales.

They bashed my words, while I tried to save them from a path they can’t escape from.


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