Better Daze


I fell asleep and awoke in a dream state. Visions of pleasure and illicit images run across my bed. My conscience takes flight out of my body and floats above me and stares down upon me with a judgmental glare. I tried to close my eyes and reopen them to try and break away from this state of hazy dreaming.

Comparing the daze to the days that I’ve been living through ignoring the pain that strolls across my chest like a horde of deer to a pasture of fresh dew covered grass leaflets.  My eyes ran across a philosophical being that seemed to resemble the thoughts I’ve construed through the years.

Thoughts complied into paragraphs and stories that.

My body felt light and out of my own help. My hands didn’t move when I wanted them to. My eyes were the only thing I controlled. I looked upon my ceiling and my conscience self had vanished. I saw the insides of chauvinistic mind that is contained within my gentlemanly exterior.

Tangled veins and stretched brain stems are astral projected upon my ceiling and painted with galactic color schemes.

I close my eyelids and they feel like curtains being slammed down across a castle’s window. I open them hoping I awaken from a dream that I never asked for. I begged for it. I begged to feel this way again, I secretly missed it; I missed waking up still in a dream state trying to feel something that I thought was missing, trying to achieve higher levels. Feeling as if I’ve tangoed on the rings of Saturn and tripped upon mars and fell upon the earth’s clouds.

I wobble across the cold floor and fall to my knees and my chin lands upon the cold winter-chilled carpet. My eyes draw toward the ground; I don’t mind the pain I feel temporarily within my jaw from dropping so helplessly to the floor. I tried to open up my mind and my chakras to enlighten myself with blunt words and demonic tunes played by the friends around me.

Ignorant and foolish I lay here and try to sleep off the state I’ve caused myself.

Excuses flood my mind as I try to find solutions for the idiotic decisions that I’ve made as I’ve faced ideas and plans that I could have denied but I wanted to feel better, I didn’t want to feel as I do now.

I no longer wanted to be this gloomy being that I’ve been. Stress and agony flooding my mind as I wait for the right moments to finally go in my direction, patiently waiting upon the ground for my eyes to shut and my mind to stop scrolling through locked up cabinets of dark thoughts as I lay on the ground and cold breezes creep upon my spine.

I glance up to see my conscience glowing before me; I speak to myself in a sly tone, “aren’t you a sight for red eyes?” ignorant rants from a young soul whose over worked and dealing with all things in the wrong ways.




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