Role Model

Pieces of wisdom sprinkled into the hearts of this new generation of lost souls.

The trials and tribulations that are faced by each child as they age and grow old are all different, the struggle to be someone for everyone is different yet we all feel the same pain, searching for an identity. Something to define us as we grow older hoping to follow in the footsteps of the ones before us and the ones before them. Focused on the filling of fossils that we can’t pick up yet because our wills are weak, so determined to be like our role models, sadly enough we don’t know the whole story behind the ones we seem to admire most.

We are only able to piece together small piece of the puzzle that is told to us. Children are thirsty for everything but knowledge slowly poisoning ourselves in the tainted auras around us as we go through our pretentious daily routines.

The night takes over and shattered pieces of mirrors show the reflections of the millions of lost souls of today. The failure is what they all are waiting for, waiting so patiently for us to jump off of rooftops and people below us screaming jump. Eyes that wonder across us wishing us nothing but failure: The success is harder to find now. Struggling along to fill the steps left behind to us. Rebellious spirits begin to awaken in the belly of the ignorant beings that won’t heed to wise words from kindred families.

I’m not afraid of failing or not becoming anything, I’m more frightened by the fact that when I’ll make something of myself everyone will expect something of me. As if I can provide happiness with success for everyone, maybe I’ll be better off helping other people succeed in their dreams.

People’s minds heavy with worry and pain. Determined to fill the void that fills the hearts of the ones around them, they all miss the one that came before.

Who’s to determine whether or not the ones before didn’t face the same pain as we did? Who’s to say that we should follow anyone?

Life is a game of chance and choices; we will never know the true outcome of how anything will ever be.

Dreams of travelling to heaven and visiting the ones I’ve missed the most and the one’s I’ve failed to get to meet. Hoping they can provide me with the knowledge I need to fill my own footprints.

I continue to ponder the ends and beginnings of my life, the chapters that I will face and the stories I will run across and through. I dream of leaving a trail of greatness behind as I carve my life into the ones around me. I used to fantasize about saving people from their life’s problems and dilemmas.

Hoping to be a role model for the ones without anyone to guide them, or at least someone people will lean on when they feel lost and need to be found again.


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