my friend sadness

I’m insecure, my eyes have grown cold, and you’ll never see tears run down my face. You’re that sensation I’ve been stuck with ever since the tender age of five. Toys taken from my infant hands, and you crept up on me and we made a rapport you created waterfalls underneath my eyes. I didn’t know how to control the flows of these rapid waters. You strangled me and created feelings within me that I hadn’t felt before.

Whenever consequences became lacking in my favor, you stood with me and made sure I felt something. And made sure the tears would be there to keep my sadness company.

I grew up though; you couldn’t create these waterfalls anymore whenever felt down and out. The tears only came when anger came to visit me every so often. You left me unaffected; I can’t say I’ve grown out of you. I still feel your presence whenever my heart is thrown to the ground or when I reminisce upon happier times. Yet there was no reaction from my eyes they became cold and frozen unable to produce those waterfalls you thought were so beautiful.

We started out with a mutual agreement that whenever the times were right you’d make the right things happen.

I still reminisce upon our short friendship. How you were the only friend I stood with once my mother passed away. You were the one who carried the weights upon my shoulders.

Now I find you coming out within my dreams and there we share moments. I wonder if I’ll ever find another passion like yours one that will create the things that we shared when we both were alone. We completed one another.

You will always be my friend, Sadness.



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