An eerie guitar chord is stricken while a dark haunting drums rhythm resonates through the night. The reverberation of a melodic melancholy voice replays softly throughout the raucous of the instruments mingling together to create an orchestra.

Eyes are closed, mouths are shut and ears are eager for more. A dark pounding piano’s keys are hit and resonate deeply within the listeners eardrums.

Strikes strategically placed and emphasis planned accordingly.

The drums slowly increase in tempo, the piano is struck harder, and the composition is haunting. A faint heartbeat thumps distantly as the soul clenching orchestra comprises itself to reach an ending of tremendous proportions.

It’s easy to be the maestro of such bleak beats when you know that’s what’s within your heart. Rawness composed, and greatness unexpected.

I want to be the creator of an illustrious symphony that represented all of the things that lie within the depths of my being, bass drums thumping harder than heart beats, piano keys pounding like feet upon the ground. Rushing together within my head, voices playing within the music, voice of my mother telling me to focus and think within clarity and be sane.

There’s nothing to lose so I play my cards directly and create this symphony. The guitar strings strike violent at variable intervals.

Broken hearts upon the walkway to the climatic end of the orchestra, so I can’t find the right sounds to end it all with.

I can’t find the right note or the right sound so the anger rises inside of me, the songs volume increases. Audacious harps begin to play a calming tune. A horn crept up and roared an image of red upon my brain.

The anger arises even more.

My mind is frustrated and is lacking the ability to compose something of greatness to express what’s inside of this hollow shell that I call myself.

Broken hearted and unmotivated I’ve created an unfinished production of everything that mimics the life and loves of my existence so far.

I’ve always wanted to be the reason someone smiled or maybe even got to chortle at simplistic jokes.

I’m in love with dreams of unrealistic tendencies that I shouldn’t have.

I’m forcing myself to be a part of a band that I can’t direct yet the sounds it creates entice me. I still fail to create something that is completely finished.


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