Remember the Memories


I haven’t forgotten about the times where my heart pumped fasted and my face was blank with estrangement. I won’t ever forget the times where I cried for my mother when I missed her presence, or I just wanted to see her face again and give her those hugs that I always did or just needed someone to lean on. I won’t ever forget days where my face was filled with utter fear and confusion.

People always talk about how they lose themselves within a certain habit, or a certain way of thinking.

We all need to be saved; we need to be saved from ourselves. Why? We hurt ourselves more than anyone else can. We lie to ourselves, set ourselves up for downfalls of unrecoverable circumstances. We are our own problems and own solutions often times we refuse to think and we fail to see the reality within the things given to us.

I surely won’t forget that I am the creator of my own downfalls. I write all of the pain that I grasp so elegantly and clasp tightly to my hearts so that maybe someone can relate and use my words as something to learn from or just find interesting enough to be considered something great.

That’s all anyone wants. To be Remembered, so why are these memories beating across my mind?

Possibly because I’m just alone and my thoughts are as ongoing as the night and day’s cycle.


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