Summer Day

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Or maybe a late afternoon stroll with you and me alone? I make it pretty obvious that I care and that I adore thee, you look at me and assume me as a secondary choice to everyone else. Playing songs to match the beauty I see in you, hoping one day you’ll see what I see in you. Often times I want to take my feelings and peel them away and let them fall upon the ground. Then they’d finally belong somewhere. The ground isn’t as bad as people make it seem it’s comforting. The loss of love may sting, a sensation similar to a bee sting upon an angel’s pearlescent flawless skin.

I wanted to write you a poem, but I know you won’t read it I decided to share it with the world instead, it never rhymed, and it only spoke what my heart thumped and pumped so rapidly about, and that was you. You agitated my simple minded heart. It pumped twice over whenever it saw that smile.

I shouldn’t get my hopes up because just like the good weather upon a warm cool breezed summer afternoon, all things must come to an end.


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