Timely Fashion


The entire world’s a stage; we have our entrances and our grand exit. We coexists together with ones we adore, love, hate, and even envy, I’m not sure what my role is within everything around me. I’m not sure on anything too much anymore. I’m afraid that I’ll spend my time simply wasting time. I’m afraid that I’ll waste away simply waiting for time to stop itself and allow me to make the right choice. I want to never make a single decision in vain. My grandmother once told me that when it’s your time to be all you can be, and all that you truly are. Hold nothing back. I’m beginning to think that my time to finally do something is here. I’ve wasted enough time being trapped in my own mind and thoughts, I want to waste my seconds and hours with you instead.

I will love you.  I will hold you, I will want you, I will dream of you, I will need you, I will comfort you, at the end of it all I still need you, because I need someone to love, and I need something to feel. I don’t want to waste my time alone. I want you to waste time with me.

When we’ve wasted our time, I know that we’ll find something amazing to look back at.


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