What’s the point of being young when they tell us to act old, and when we act old we are told we are out of line? They tell us to hold our heads high and to chase dreams. The dreams we are told to chase are not our own they are thrown at us at birth. The dreams our parents couldn’t fulfill or the simple dreams they want us to have. They are so swift to forget we have minds of our own. We have ambitions of our own. You created us to raise us and set us free. They tell us of the dangers of the world and the stupors that the ones who fail to become anything. They pain us, they aggravate us, and we pop pills of joy, and try to find happiness in the ways the paths that our parents tell us not to tread. They tell us to pursue prestigiously capital jobs and to allocate our funds so we don’t become the ones on the streets with nothing. How can we pursue when there is nothing there for us to pursue?

We search for higher education in the mindless indulgence within the ignorance that we find in late night parties.

Passed out upon someone’s leather couch we find elevation and elation.

We love it; we shout and scream for another round of emotionless sex to fulfill our lonely nights that seem to be unresolved no matter what we try.

Maybe if we all took the time and listen, we could find the fulfillment out of the dreams that are handed to us.

Yet, that’s just a maybe, a hopeful maybe from someone looking in from the outside of a generation.


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