Ignorant Religion

Ignorant words of a daft priest. My family beseeched me to listen to these words of fantasy and ignorance. For me to believe in things that I had known weren’t meant for me to believe in. If I wanted to get into heaven, I’d simply break the hinges off of heavens proclaimed golden gates. People speak of how they have to donate money to the church so the lord or whatever holy being they believe in will bless them, but why would an omniscient being want a material thing like money? People worship money. Since when has religion been dependent upon the green tinted faces of long deceased presidential and knowledgeable figures?

From birth to death we are considered sinners unless we are able to show some empathetic and seemingly tactless devotion to the almighty beings of the afterlife. We are given foul titles to define us for our actions even though we are of ill knowledge to what they truly mean. The “righteous ones” call us bastards, heathens, uncouth. I believe that we are just misunderstood and are truly lost within the bustle of the world around us and aren’t given a chance to have our own way of thinking, our own path to stumble upon and gander at and see if we are truly prepared enough for the long journey into life’s immersive and jungle.

We are simply sinners without a single hope of redemption thrown into a jungle of venomous creatures and poisonous delectable fruits. How are we as the youth of this forsaken land supposed to survive in anyway if we are simply given crude and listless titles such as sinners?

If our mother’s had us out of wedlock we are the bastards of whores. If we fornicate and partake in any sexual pleasures before marriage we are heathens.

Is religion truly fair to the way the world truly is? Or is it simply something for people to believe in so they will feel adequate enough to forgive themselves for their own wrong-doings?

Whatever it may be, I am free from the hassles of religions.


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