Two Strangers


The glimmer in your eye was so inviting, something when you smiled was so enticing. At first glance I knew that I’d always want to be by your side. The way you hold your stance was so exciting; the way you spoke was so mysterious. I never knew the chances that I’d be telling you that I loved you and you felt the same way as well. In the beginning we were simply lonely strangers with heartache glistening within our dark colored pupils. We exchanged glances, we told each other of our pasts, and we told each other of our pain and of our own mischievous acts.

It all turned out so right, for us just us. Two simple strangers who found something within one another to cherish and love, I won’t let you go as long you will do the same.

I still find your mysteriousness intriguing and your soft spoken demeanor so tempting. I don’t want to ever leave your side, I know I never will because your heart is always inviting and that glimmer in your eye is always so heart stopping.

Everything turned out so right; ever since I’ve met you I’ve been happier. For that I thank you.

And I hope that I can reciprocate that feeling of happiness.


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