way of the world

The earth is rich and filled with millions of beings. I’d like to believe that we’d all like to help one another in one way or another because we are all the same and all have the same problems at times.

Yet we aren’t like that at all anymore we all travel our own sorrowful and painful journeys through whatever treacherous jungles that life places us in, most of us come from places where we are confined to our homes as if we were prisoners and our wardens never allowed us out into the yard of bitter yellows and harsh brown grass. Often times we are trapped until we are able to escape into the world, we are taught that the world is unforgiving and as cold as the Alaskan winter nights. That everyone is after something, that every person you meet is only going to associate with you to bring you down or to push you back. I haven’t been out to the world so I do not know myself. I’ve been told that the world outside will break me down, and build me back up and if I’m not prepared for it all then I should simply give up on life.

I want to believe that the world is full of good people of all descents and origins and that we all want to help one another and that maybe we can all hold one another up and stop another from falling into the pits of darkness. I’d like to believe that I’m not the only one willing to reach out a hand when another person is falling into the depths of the world and try to pull them up. I’d like to believe that maybe in some way I’m not the only one willing to stick their necks out and risk it all to help another one out.

Lately it seems like I’m all alone on this one, that I’m the only one who will help another when everything has fallen down. I’d actually like to help everyone if possible I’d like to the be the one who would save others from the lonely nights that I fell victim to where my thoughts grew to the point where I could not escape them. I want to save everyone if I can, I know I can’t fix anyone’s problems but I’d like to be the one that anyone could rely on and simply give them words of encouragement and reassure them that everything will be okay. If it wasn’t all okay then, maybe I was wrong, maybe everything turned out to be great.

I just hope that I can help enough people through their dark days even if just a little, because in the process of it all, I too am saved.


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