Corruption & Confliction

My mind is corrupted but my heart is still pure, I find myself thinking “I don’t want to live this life anymore”, my heart wants happiness and to be free and love. When I am denied said things my mind goes to the darkest depths of my soul and drags forth thoughts. I find myself looking to find god, yet I still can’t find him, I want to change the way I am. I have too much on my mind already so I won’t stress this matter anymore.

My thoughts are dark but my love is pure, I feel as if I am just a contradicted. Maybe I am simply conflicted within myself and don’t know where to lie my morals with my mind or with my heart. So I’ll lay myself on the ground and try to contemplate the decision but I know I’ll simply second guess it. One day I’m trying to become someone to look up to, how can I accomplish that if I can’t find the will or courage to do this? Sometimes I find myself simply lying on the floor searching for the inspiration that can guide me through the journey that is life’s jungle of sorrow.


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