to the woman of my dreams

Let’s pretend we’re in love and dance to the melancholy rhythm of euphoric guitars, dance with me in the tango that we call infatuation. Take my hand and let me take you to the place where our minds can meet and we can spew forth words of want. Dance with me with the sounds of the guitars of lust behind our swaying movements. Guide your hips with my hands and allow me to embrace me.

Let’s pretend we’re one and the same and dance to the blissful chords of heavenly harps. I can see it now, the feeling of it being as great the sun and moon. I won’t call this love; I’ll call it everything that I’ve dreamed of. I made myself believe that I need this dream, I found myself thinking “maybe not”, don’t get to close to you. Matters of the heart shouldn’t be this difficult. Yet I want you,

Let’s pretend we’re strangers and dance to the sorrow tapping of distraught snares. The hard taps of the snares entangles our hate filled with words and we are soon surrounded by our own doom. You were everything I ever dreamed of, whenever I would see you, my heart was open, my arms stretched to their full length. You used to be the world that I revolved around, you called me your sun, and you were my moon. I brightened your days with my poetic words and sweet love. You illuminated my nights with your passion and tender love. I searched the world for the perfect love; I ran upon you and thought you were the one. I treated you like royalty, met you when we were younger and we fell into one another. No more do my words carry a sentimental value through your heart; the love is no longer burning. I never wanted to watch you shed a tear for me, yet I did. Let me go, why do you want to stick around? Let me know if you still love me no matter what I’ve said.

I can feel it now, it is my sun and it is my moon, and it is my doom. Pretend with me, love with me, be with me, hate with me. This is a letter to the woman of my dreams, I don’t know if I’ve met her yet or maybe somewhere in the future. Just know that I will love you more than anything, you’ll be my wife, my mistress and my best friend. I’ll cry to you, I’ll adore you eternally. I don’t know if I know you now or if I’ll know you after I’ve reached my dreams. I’ll wonder if you’ve been thinking of me. You aren’t the woman that I’ll love; you’ll be the woman that I’ve always dreamed of. One thing’s for sure I’m afraid to risk it but when I do our lives will never be the same. When it’s all over we’ll be different.

So before we fall in love let’s dance to the mysterious symphonies that the world plays in our daily life. Maybe we’ve met already, and maybe you’re around the corner one thing is for certain, you’ll always have a place in my world.


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