If I am of prophetic knowledge and enlightened views but lack love, I am nothing. So if I were to push aside my views and knowledge of the simplistic things that people often over look for love. I would be deemed a dunce and a fool among men. Simply because of the pursuit of love and desire that everyone so often traverses but are often left stuck within purgatory, a place of emptiness and silence where one is meant to think and evaluate their lives and actions. Now it is simply used as a home for the love-scorned lovers with deep scars upon their hearts and grudges deep within as seeds, slowly rooting deep within them and sprouting until it grows tall and big enough to release itself in a beauteous act of hate. If I were to seek love and lack knowledge, I would be nothing.

Everyone is nothing at all, even I, we all pursue that deep sensation within our bellies that urges and nudges us to chase after idiotic emotions that will lead us to heartache. We plant the seeds ourselves as we contemplate and then go through with the actions that will soon enough harm us and cause us pain and ache.

People refuse to seek love, and also become enlightened learning from their own actions. Instead they simply lie to themselves repeating the words “it won’t be the same this time.” How can it not be the same if we are to repeat the same mistakes over and over with the same types of people without learning from the pain that was caused previously?

I am not enlightened in love, nor am I the most knowledgeable human. So I am simply nothing. I am neither a fool nor a fool for love. I seek knowledge but do not lack love I am nothing still.

Why am I nothing? We are meant to identify ourselves, I just haven’t figured out who or what I really am yet.

A fool to dodge the love that is handed within my weary palms or intelligent and wise for learning to never trust the love that is handed to you, and not earned?


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