Eternities with you


As raindrops fall gracefully from the dimly dyed clouds, time begins to slow. Time begins to sluggishly drudge onward. Seconds feel like minutes, minutes feel like hours and hours feel like eternities. The only thing that seems to bring joy to my face is watching the raindrops do their lonesome tango with the ground and create majestic puddles that mock and mimic the world around them.

The words that I share with you bring a smile to my seemingly pointless days. The rain seems to pour and our conversation lasts for eternities. My eternity would be spent happily conversing with you about everything that I admire about you, or the silly gestures and simple tales of one another’s days. The connections that I have with you I never want to lose; you are the raindrops that I admire indefinitely. I adore the simple things about you. I envy your ability to tolerate so much and still go along with your days, not because you really want to but because you have to. Whenever I feel as if the world is collapsing I can lay my heart upon your gentle hands and feel alright.

I trust you more than anyone else; you are more to me than you could imagine you could be.

I have to admit to you something, I’m scared. Scared that I’ll end up leaving you, even though I don’t want to, so I beg you stay with me.

Make time slow down and let’s spend eternities together just doing what we can to make each other smile and forget about everything else. Be the rain that I admire so much


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