What is the big hoopla about eternal youth and remaining such a painful age for as long as time exists? Who desires to outlive their families, their loved ones, their closest friends and passionate loves? I see no reality in living as an angst-filled teenager who’s full of hormones that aren’t yet balanced, a body that isn’t truly adult, and a mind that isn’t concrete. I would only want to live eternally at an age of around 25 or 22. To be stuck at 18 or lower would drive me insane, life is worthless still, I am still a slave to the school’s ways and rules and not yet on my own. To live forever at such an age is almost as if to hold a scared pen and scribble sins upon a blank canvas that is meant for beauty.

To defy the flow of life, to decimate the balance of nature itself is the only sin within my eyes. A friend of mine once asked me “wouldn’t it be great to be this age forever?” I simply told her what I felt, “no it would be the most heartache I’ll ever have to repeat again and again. Why would I want to be this age for eternity? Life is meaningless still, I’ll still immature and unenlightened in the ways of the world, and my emotions will still get the best of me. If I was stuck at this pathetic age I’d rather die than to see everything I love and want die around me.”

Living my life out in such a way would drag my soul to the peak of insanity and I’d soon enough begin to crash down into the dark depths of myself.

My friend’s question made me ponder though, what is youth truly? I glance upon the ones around me and I see nothing but copies of one another, or products of bad environments. We don’t cherish our youth, we try to rush through it, as if we are forcibly spreading the thighs of the world and taking advantage too soon. Who can we blame for our dilemma? The one’s who raised us are only able to teach what they have learned and what they think will better us.

We can only blame ourselves for the way we are, and how quickly we do not treasure our youth.


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