Message to a Friend

I have this friend; she’s really something else as they would say. She’s really vulgar and bold, but at a moment’s notice she can become as gentle and docile as a spring breeze. Whenever I look upon her freckled brow and see that her eyes of sapphire looking low, I feel as if the world is crashing down around me. I tell her that I can’t save her or give her the best advice or even fix any problems, but I’m always going to be here for her. I write her goofy notes that make her smile when her days seem to drag on and her struggles are so tiresome and her strength dwindles.

She knows my past, and the things that I dream of. I know hers as well, we share tales of the worlds we dream of and tell each other of the estranged and demented fictional realities that we dream in. she looks at me and knows when something wrongs, I lie to her and tell her nothing I know I shouldn’t because later on I’ll tell her anyway. I adore her for the boldness in which she tells me to just straighten up and stop screwing around and just move on from things. I’m attracted to her body and the way she carries herself, I’m intrigued by the way she pushes herself and still finds time to do the things she loves and make time for the friends and ones she loves.

In some strange minuscule way, I envy her. She’s beautiful, goofy, strong, bold, and she has resolve. She’s everything that anyone could want, everything I could want or need in someone. But more than anything I envy her because she does for me what I can’t do. She motivates me.

She means more to me than I could have imagined, I never knew that last year we’d be as close as she and I are now. I used to think that our circles were too foreign to collide, but that was the foolishness in me overwhelming my logic drowning it with doubt and stupidity. She’s well known, but so few know her.

She’s astonishing to the eyes and soothing to the mind, she puts herself down, she brings me up, I drag her up with me, and her harsh words hold meanings of truth and kindness.

She will always mean something to me.


One thought on “Message to a Friend

  1. It’s beautiful how we can come to rely on people not just to see them give us advice, but to give us strength even by just being there. Good friends are often the ones who cheer you up just by being there.

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