” Niggas “


I believe that you can’t tell a man to not be a man, you cannot tell someone to not be the only thing they know to be. You cannot tell for lack of a better word “nigga” to not be a “nigga”. If that is the only way of life they know then why try to force change upon deaf and ignorant ears? People will judge and make assumptions about those they see, judgmental eyes that fall upon a young male with pants sagging, hat tilted and an expression of hostility that has no origin upon his face. So the world around him judges him and marks him a nigga, yet he is simply fitting into the stereotypical role that the world has placed upon his appearance the tough looking, harsh looking teenager with a angered misdemeanor.

In this lack-luster simplistic generation that I am a part of, you can’t tell a whore to not be a whore.

If that is all they know who are we to tell someone to not be that way, if that is all they know and no one has the desire to teach them any better. They are an infant to the world of what is considered “normal” but the judgmental people in the world today will simply look at the outer appearance of the youthful male with his pants sagging below his waistline. No you all look at his appearance you don’t plan to look into who that person is and analyze the fact that maybe they are lacking something that you all consider this standard of “normal” maybe that boy lacked a father and looked up to the drugged up and sexed out male rap stars who told him that it’s alright to call a female a bitch, if you aren’t willing to look past any person’s exterior and look within them and see who they are then you are not fit to tell anyone who they can and cannot be.

Because in all honesty you are simply just a judgmental person who is simple in the mind, but who am I to judge?

I accept everyone and am willing to listen to everyone’s stories and give all the life lessons I’ve learned to anyone else who is willing to listen to me.

Maybe I can be the person who can open deaf ears and give some words that will adhere to someone and maybe they will see the way I do.


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