The rain is a synonym for what my life feels like, my smile hides the pain that I carry. Raindrops are cold and fall with succession and they leave their mark upon the world. They merge together and create something bigger than expected. A puddle to a flood, they represent the same things that I feel a simple frown to breakdowns that shouldn’t be happening. When it rains the world seems to grow gray and the winds blow and guide the rains down upon the ground and stay its barren grounds with some mild moisture. My life feels like the rain during a gentle night shower. Cold and calming, thoughts of falling through the sky without a parachute like a raindrop does, maybe I’ll find some peacefulness within hitting the ground, as the raindrops do. They know their purpose in life, to simply fall from the skies and touch the ground. My life feels like that, as if my purpose in life is to be built up by everything around and then be brought back down to the ground by the reality of things. As I fall to the ground, hopefully I’ll leave a mark upon the world.


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