A violin’s soft climax plays through my mind; a song begins to entwine itself through my head slowly repeating. The sweet elevated pitch echoes gently across my mind as I slowly stumble my way home with thoughts of my day. The repetition of the violin begins, I do not understand why its melodic strings are stuck within my mind but they play soothingly and slowly as if they are telling me a story. My mind slowly begins to rest as the climatic violins make a song reminiscent of my dreams. I close my eyes as I my footsteps become slower and I begin to feel the winds rush past me as cars rush by and leave scars of chilled winds upon my body. I open my eyes and sink into my soul and I search for the answers to my life’s questions. “What am I going to become once this is all over?” “Why do I have such a kindness about me?” the violins grow louder and louder and my thoughts and they converge and create this climatic eruption of silence within my thoughts. I walk into my home and lie upon my bed and stare into the ceiling and try to ponder if one day if I stare at the ceiling long enough hopefully it will move, and prove that maybe I’m not too insane. I stare around my room for a moment from the vantage point of my bed and begin to light scented candles that remind me of my family, and my happy times, they begin to burn slowly I stare as the wick dances gently as I ignite it. Soon enough the flame begins to dance, I watch its performance from the comfort of my bed and the walls provide an astonishing backdrop for the flames nightly performance. It curves gently and then flickers rapidly as if seducing my eyes. I fall into my mind, and soon my mind falls into a dreaming state.

The Violins return just as soon as my thoughts do. They begin to battle as if my dreams are dancing with the devil and the violins are tempting me to forget all the logic I know, all that I believe just for a few moments of some insignificant pleasure.

The violins tango with my thoughts slowly and they become increasingly more intense. Then it all calms down and my imagination takes over and thoughts leave my mind as I dream.

As I dream I see the moments in my life where I laughed hardest, and the moments I desire to happen with the ones I wish to see.


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