Dreams: Analysis

Last night I had a dream that I was at war within my own home, the sound of blunt objects clashing echoed throughout my home. I ran toward the sound and saw that it was just me fighting against someone I didn’t know, but they had invaded the privacy of my home, and to be in this dream they have invaded the privacy of my thoughts. I took a swing at them with my tattered bat and they simply slipped and slid underneath my aggression as calm as a snake and swung at me and another person came into this fiasco and it was me, another version of me, angrier and more hostile than I or the intruder.

I think this dream is just a symbolism of how my bad habits and harsh ways are coming back to me, and soon enough I’ll be back within my old ways, and the person that I am fighting against could be my future self, so maybe within all of this dream I’m simply fighting change. I am scared of change; I’m scared to see what comes next in my pathway. Whatever comes next in my life will come; it is up to me to control my demons. No one else will control them; we are alone in our personal struggles against ourselves.

Society will never hold our hand, but it’ll provide immense amounts of things to drown it all away temporarily but that truly isn’t the means to an end.

In the end of it all, we must face our demons and try to change ourselves even though we ourselves are afraid of change.


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