Hello, take a moment to adjust for the wondrous trip into my thoughts.

I really don’t know what my problem is, I have this incredible knack for simply becoming attached to all the wrong women, I tend to over assume things, as if my mind is poised and eager to shoot out of the gate that it is locked within yet, before the bell sounds, it is already bursting ahead. Running off of the possibilities that could be but most likely won’t, the logic within is faded away and imagination and hope are the only energy fueling it. Soon that fuel isn’t enough and logic begins to resurface and the realities of the scenarios come to fruition. I should have slowed down, I should have thought before letting my thoughts run rapid. How could I have slowed down when I’m so eager to find something that I always felt was missing from my life?

This is how I really think; I find it stupid to allow myself to be so illogically inclined let my imagination run wild as if I were a child pretending to chase after his shadow.


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