Night Strolls


Last night, I walked home alone. I walked away from the comfort of the friends I have and walked home alone. My thoughts deepen, the world around me enhances in sound and scents as if the grass let off its sweetest musk to tempt me to stop and enjoy its aroma. Sadly my thoughts keep me moving forward never stopping to enjoy the sounds of the hidden running streams that pass across my ears playing their soothing melody. My ears are slightly chilled getting colder as I walk further and further, my hands are within my pockets my head is tilted slightly inside the rim of my jacket to keep my nose warm and keep the snot from running. I awaken the bright white screen upon my phone and look at the messages I’ve received, I think to reply but I simply leave my phone on silent and put it back in my pocket not to ignore anyone, but to get back to my thoughts. Cars zoom past me my eyes wander into their headlights as they seduce them gently to look up. The cars blow aggressive winds across my face that scars it with cold and brash chills that shake me slightly. The hidden streams increase in volume as I walk closer to home, I look down to it and see a fallen tree, I wonder if anyone has ever gone down there and died? My mind gets back to my thoughts as my mind continues to ponder upon life and my actions and choices. Reminiscing on the last action of stupidity I performed. Action before thought, my worst habit I wish I could change that.

My mind’s pace quickens as my steps quicken to escape the cold. I lift my head up to let out a sigh of breath, steam rises from my mouth as I let it out. I watch the steam fade into the night sky. I pause for a moment to stare upon the moon. It looks truly amazing, its imperfections and craters stand out upon the skies dark blue background as it shines bright gray. A message plays through my mind, a simple phrase that could describe my evening and what it always feel like as I am walking home from speaking with friends or giving advice to the ones I care about. That phrase was simply

“Welcome to the Walk Alone”, It suited everything; my thoughts reply queries to me as I walk closer to my door. The one that touches my soul the most is “you sit and listen to everyone’s problems and give your hearts best advice and minds wisdom you have, but who will sit with you and listen to what’s upon your troubled heart and quiet mind?” I couldn’t answer that, but I know people care for me even though I do not speak of what is wrong with me. I’d rather listen than to be listened to.

So every night as I walk home in the cold of night, my mind whispers to me as the walk begins.

And it whispers “Welcome to the Walk Alone, it is long and cold and such is life”


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