Abyssal Love

The Mind, it contradicts what the heart feels. The heart pumps rapidly me at the warmth that emits as a person holds the one they love the most. The mind ponders of the issues that will come with this new found love. The heart simply is overzealous to give itself away and leap into an unknown abyss. The mind tries to analyze it all before it jumps in after the heart, perhaps to save the heart from what lies in the darkness of the abyss? Contemplating the thought of how it will all end the mind slowly slips into a dark corner in the abyss as the heart blindly dives into. You stand upon a cliff staring down at your heart as it blissfully jumps into the unknown ready to explore, but your eyes wonder slightly as you watch your mind drift into a place of solitude. It’s hard to think with your brain and never with your heart, as you see your heart fall in pure bliss while your mind sits alone analyzing the pros and cons of the abyss that it has fallen in. What is the abyss exactly? The abyss is that one person you are willing to give your heart to without a second thought. Your mind halts its actions and queries “is this person really trust-worthy, or even capable of feeling how I do?”  The heart slowly halts its descent and slows itself down. It starts to finally see that maybe rushing into something that you aren’t sure of isn’t right.

What I’m basically saying is, think before you fall in love.

What is love if you jump in blindly without thought?  It isn’t true, it’s that false sense of falling that people are feeling yet they stay and refuse to listen to their mind.

A wise man once told me, have an open heart and keep a mind that is full of doubt and ruthless ambition. I never really understood what it meant, but I think I understand now. Leave your heart available no matter how much pain has come through it and how badly you’re hurt. Keep your heart open, but keep your mind doubtful because you may never know who can hurt you or even break your heart. No matter what always go after the one you love but think before you do.


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