vault of diamonds


That very moment where you feel like you can’t be saved. At that moment you feel utterly alone and as if you never stood a chance against the bitter world’s militant powers. Nothing else compares to that feeling where you plead for your heart to come back to you, you begin to think it’s homesick and wants to come back. You begin to ponder; maybe your heart enjoys the sorrow it receives away from home. Your heart it mistakes the pain and loneliness for the love that it yearned for. All of its life the heart was trapped inside of your chest patiently waiting for you to fall. To fall so hard that you’d give it away and it wouldn’t be trapped at home, it’d be able to feeling something new. The feelings that your heart received were of the grandiose sizes. You want it back, you reach out for it but it’s gone. You put your hand extending each finger slowly as if your body was a gently grown tree with branches slowly reaching toward the sun; the sun fueled its growth. Your branches get to close to the sun and slowly burn as you try to grasp it. You want the sun back where it belongs, yet it refuses to come home.

Your heart is broken; you steal away its pieces as if they were precious diamonds in an open vault. They shimmer and glisten within your hands. The vault they were in is gone, leaving scars upon the diamonds. They are flawed to you, yet someone will love those scars. You think to yourself that you should’ve never given your heart away, never let it enjoy the pain. The heart was homesick; it wanted to come back to you. It couldn’t because you enjoyed it all the same. The vault was taken away and left with pieces of scarred diamonds and secrets of yours.

I’ve seen so many girls with flawed diamonds within their chests, I wish they’d never give their hearts away and enjoyed the torment. When the love begins to halt and you feel sorrow. Take your heart back, blast open the vault, take away what is rightfully yours and the right people deserve. Save your diamond before it is cracked and flawed.


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