Opposite Attraction


A beautiful girl with poise and a quick wit, intelligence and humor she is popular by description alone. Her hair flows gently as she walks, her smile gleaming as If the sun had blessed it itself. She strides gracefully down the halls of her school, and she passes a boy posture slouched, glasses slanted off the bridge of his nose as if they were too weak to stay placed properly.  She looked into his eyes and her fantasies played through her head. She wanted to grasp him by his clean pressed collar and kiss him and teach him her wicked lustful ways as she grabbed him and began to press her lips to his and he reacted and kissed down her neck and pressed his hands to her breast and she moaned into his neck and he slowly undressed her and began to roughly handle her body pushing it against the lockers in the hallway and slowly pulling away the fabrics attached to her skin, he wrapped his body to hers and the lustful tango began. Their bodies entangled her moans enshrouding his whimpers of passion. As she walked away from him her romanticized film slowly ended and a smile was left upon her lips as if it had already happened in her mind. It is simply a blissful fantasy waiting to happen for them. Maybe


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