hidden treasure


I sit next to you and tell you to stop stressing because it’s deadly and that I wish I could fix it all. I hate to see it all hurt so bad, I hate to see you drag along and I can’t do anything. I try to support you before you fall over and drown yourself in stress. I try to grab a pail and toss it away for a while just to see you smile. I can’t fix your life or even change anything, but I will try to stop you from breaking down when it is all so hard, if I can make you laugh or smile that’s enough for me. It isn’t much but for that one moment.

For that one moment, you aren’t thinking about the anxiety, the pain, the stress, or the things in life that make you feel so bad. So if I make you smile or laugh, I’m happy just doing that because by seeing you smile, I find some satisfaction in my heart.

You crack a smile that seems to have been hidden behind a jungle of vines intertwined together by varying forms of sadness. I crack a few jokes, slicing through those layers hoping to reach the treasure that is your smile.  Life is a constant adventure through the jungles of sadness.


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