live life, apology free

I don’t want anyone to ever apologize to me. I’m sorry is a phrase full of remorse and regret, people saying it when someone dies or they make a mistake. These words don’t mean anything anymore. People begin to feel bad about their actions because of those they hurt, life is meant to be fucked up and for you to test who you are and become someone in this world no matter how small. I try to teach people to never apologize to me because everything you say and do you mean, you do it on purpose. When someone dies, we shouldn’t be sad or feel remorse for them passing away. We should smile and be glad that they don’t have to deal with all of emotional stress, and turmoil of life. Life is something we can’t describe until we are on our own death beds; some of us will describe it as the most amazing process ever occurred and that they admired the beauty of the people around got to stare into an endless sky and still remain breathless as if the beauty of the world stole oxygen from their lungs. Others will blame everyone around them for their pain and unhappiness, they blame their family for the fact that they could never accomplish a goal, they blame their friends because they were left heartbroken across the ground alone without a single helping hand to grab onto to help them stand again. I want to lay upon my deathbed smiling, I want to tell all of my loved ones that they mean the world to me and that no matter what that life will get better before it gets worse and that no matter what happiness will find you.

I want to continue sky watching and thinking blissful thoughts because life isn’t always meant to be a pain sometimes, we can find a little beauty in it all if we look up and enjoy the smaller things we have. Never say sorry, apologies aren’t meant for people or deaths. Apologize to yourself for denying yourself some of the things you wanted to do. I’m sorry doesn’t deserve to be used anymore. Live lives without apologies for once change the actions that make you say I’m sorry. Bettering yourself is the greatest apology.


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