new year, same insanity

It’s a new year, another twelve month of living to be done and memories. I’ll continue to live my life without regrets. I will still have doubt and queries. Never a regret because I do what I choose to do and I don’t regret a thing. I’ll be eighteen this year as well maybe with that number I’ll finally feel older and more matured, but I am only a child still. I still slack off and spew foul words relentlessly. I am a self-made monster.  I am how I am because of the choices I make and I don’t regret it because without it all I wouldn’t be who I am today or how I am. So I have more memories to make before I die, I don’t know when I’ll die but I have memories to make and love to give and wisdom to share. I feel as if the world is all the same but I’m just changing as I move along as I should. Yet I can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t right as if some deep sorrow is tugging at my nerves and giving me a sickening feeling. For now Cheers to a New Year and future memories, and live life regret free and to the fullest extent.  We only are young once, and are forever aging so keep loving and learning.


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