chapter 9, inspirational exchange

Looking for the escape from my demons in the violent rhythm of rumbling fists, thinking that rage will empty the sorrows in my soul. Foolish what was I thinking? My greatest weapons now my downfall. I can destroy mountains and fall from the highest of skies. Somebody catch me, all I ask. I won’t sugar coat the words that you need to hear. I’ll tell you that your ability to stand on your own is weak and your knees wobble when someone tells you that you aren’t good enough. I know that awkward walk, I had it myself. Bullets penetrate your fragile skin; you lose balance and become cold hearted. The blood flows away from your wounds as if raging waters. I patch you up, I tell you that you are stronger than this I drag the life back into you. I tell you that no one can break you down when you pay their accusations no mind. Your heart is ripped from your chest; your air is taken along with it. You feel crushed and your spirits evaporate. Allow me to pump your heart with hope; there is still love and times to be had. There is no permanent love but marriage so enjoy the times you have with your lover. When it all falls down just know that you loved a little and lived. We are young and full of ignorance and we want what will hurt us and not what we truly want. Most guys say they aren’t like most guys. Yet they are all the same, hormones raging. Passion is dead. So I restore your air, I put the hope in your lungs that chivalry and romance aren’t dead. You stand and run forward. I know that feeling well. I am not some wise man or anything. I’m just a boy who has been through enough and want to see you all smile. I am standing in the middle of a generation surrounded by dragons and wolves, rapid spit and burnt skin. Trying to find the comfort within the skin I am while helping others feel right in theirs.  This is life.

Take my hand and I’ll do my best to free your mind from its thoughts. So catch me as I am falling when my emotions take a hold of me and the hands that I mend your wounds with are still full of purpose.


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