superhuman dreams


I am not a man of great self esteem or knowledge but I want to be the world’s superman. I want the world to fall upon my shoulder and I’ll constantly uplift it. Saving it from travesty and harm, I know that the world won’t help me, I won’t accept it. As I reflect on my younger days and my former actions. All I see is tears. It all seemed logical until it became this life cut into shambles.

I know that I can’t be helped; I won’t allow anyone to enter my mind. I won’t allow anyone to see what is inside of me. A constant mental prison of the childhood, tears. I want to carry the world great distances upon my back before I die. I want to become a canvas for other’s stories. Hopefully I’ll teach them how to deal with the divorces and the losses. The heartbreak that they think will last forever, even more I’ll teach them how to control the loneliness we all feel. I know I’m not a great teacher or even super-human. But I have the mindset and ethic to attempt to change the world around me.

I want to teach them all that drowning your sorrows in alcohol and drugs will only steep yourself deeper into the dark words that you try to avoid. I’ll take the world by its diverse hands and show it that bottling the pain and emotions only causes more stress. I may not be the smartest or the most well experienced but I want to be incredible, it’s all a dream.


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