the list

What would life be without attempting to find something to be defined as? An empty existent

I don’t know what I wish to become but I do know what I want.

  1. Improve my writing skills.
  2. Find a better half
  3. Help the entire ones I care about.
  4. Find a meaning in this harsh world.
  5. End my despair.
  6. Find a definition of my own to the word love.
  7. Become my own definition of a “man”
  8. Write a book that will show who I truly am.
  9. Find the real person inside of the many layers of my soul.
  10. Go skydiving
  11. Express the endless flood of emotions of my heart to the right person.
  12. Educate my generation.
  13. Possibly change the minds of all of the ones who think wrongly.
  14. Make all my loved ones smile.
  15. Stay strong.
  16. Repay the kindness I’ve received.
  17. Keep my oaths to the ones I’ve made them with.
  18. Be  someone
  19. Make an impact on the world.
  20. Find the beauty in the simplest things still.
  21. Make sure women know that they are beautiful no matter what.
  22. Accept the death of my mother.
  23. Stop blaming myself when someone is to blame.
  24. Never change the kindness that I have grown into.
  25. Learn to play the saxophone.
  26. Tell the people I love, that I actually love them.
  27. Forgive the ones that have hurt me.
  28. Keep moving on
  29. Never lose faith in my purpose.
  30. Find my purpose.
  31. Find someone to love unconditionally.
  32. Get married in the far future.
  33. Tattoos
  34. Find an outlet for the stress.
  35. Find happiness
  36. Lose the insanity and depression that has haunted me.
  37. Don’t hold everything in so much.
  38. Don’t trust others easily.
  39. Don’t take a liking to other easily.
  40. Don’t think so much
  41. Love harder.
  42. Fall in love
  43. Stay true to my values
  44. Keep painting vivid pictures with words.
  45. Have a great birthday
  46. Remember the ones who loved you the most.
  47. Take my time going through the motions.
  48. Never live fast.
  49. Never give up on anything
  50. Continue being there for the ones who needed me.


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